Poetry and Prose

Or really, whatever the hell I want.

I’ve been filling blank pages for years. I only fill them with corporate bullshit now.

Feeling particularly discontented at work one afternoon, I wrote those words inside the flap of a notebook. Later that night, they became the beginning of a new poem. Today, it is an apt two-sentence description for the dichotomy of my life.

Welcome to the “other” side; where I fill blank pages with whatever the hell I want.

I’m Madison. Thirty-something. Corporate sellout. Writer. Semi-photographer. Perpetually torn between life’s fragility and frustration.

What you’ll find here


“A poem is never finished, merely abandoned.”
I hope you find something in all the words I gave up on.


I’ve got a lot of feelings. About a lot of things. Mary Oliver said our “proper work” was to “pay attention.” Consider it done, girl.


Fifteen-year-old me would have chosen to do my life’s work with a camera. Life is rarely that tidy.

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